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In February 2019, Community First Academy Trust was accepted onto the register of End-Point Assessment Organisations (EPAO). 

What is End Point Assessment?


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Overview Of Post-Graduate Teaching End-Point Assessment 

The meet the gateway requirements and proceed with  the End Point Assessment, apprentices must have:

  • Achieved a minimum of level 2 in Math's and English
    • Note - GCSE equivalence certificates are not accepted by the Institute for Apprenticeships for apprentice learners.  In in the absence of a GCSE, and in order to be awarded the apprenticeship, apprentice learners in  will have to undertake a L2 functional skills test in the absence of a C or 4 or above GCSE . 
  • Successfully completed a 12 month Initial Teacher Training (ITT) apprenticeship course delivered by an approved provider.
  • Obtained Qualified Teacher Status awarded by an accredited ITT provider.
  • Be deemed to have ‘occupational competence’ by their employing Headteacher in meeting the Teacher Standards and Early Career Framework (ECF).

The apprentice must have also completed a portfolio of evidence (paper, electronic or a hybrid) compiled over the duration of the ITT programme. Having completed a programme of initial teacher training and obtained QTS, the apprentice will reach a gateway to end-point assessment. 

  • The trainee continues employment and training with the employer as a Early Career Teacher (ECT) or may take employment with another employer for their ECT induction.
  • All entry and gateway requirements are met, including evidence of achieving all the standard ITT entry requirements.
  • The employer (with advice from the training provider) decides whether the apprentice is ready for the gateway and notifies the independent end point assessment organisation.

The independent assessor conducts the end-point assessment and gives each element of the assessment a mark. This assessment will comprise of:

  • A lesson observation observed and assessed by the independent assessor.
  • A professional discussion will take place to assess the apprentices’ knowledge, skills and behaviours with regard to the Teachers’ Standards and Early Career Framework. The professional discussion will be held between the apprentice and a panel, composed of the independent assessor, a representative from the apprenticeship training provider and a representative from the employer.

Having examined and assessed the evidence from the lesson observation and the professional discussion, the independent assessor awards the apprentice a final grade: outstanding, pass or inadequate.


The end-point assessment is carried out by staff from independent end-point assessment organisations on the Education and Skills Funding Agency’s Register of Apprentice Assessment Organisations. Representatives from the employer and the apprenticeship training provider will assist in asking questions during the professional discussion. However, the final decision on the grade of the professional discussion and lesson observation with a professional dialogue, and whether the apprentice has passed the end-point assessment, rests with the independent assessor from the apprentice assessment organisation. 

Extension to dispensation for Teacher apprenticeship standard, ST0490

Please note the existing dispensation for the Teacher apprenticeship standard (ST0490) has been extended and will apply to those apprentices with EPAs booked until 31 March 2022. The website has been updated to reflect this Teacher / Institute for Apprenticeships and Technical Education

As a reminder, the dispensation is as follows:

  • To help providers reduce the impact of COVID-19 on their initial teacher training (ITT) provision, alternative arrangements are being put in place for the lesson observation element of the EPA. These are extraordinary measures which we are taking so that trainees are given a fair opportunity to qualify and to safeguard teacher supply. We expect the discussion element of the EPA to go ahead as normal, virtually if necessary.
  • The lesson observation element of the EPA can be awarded based on assessment of the final on-programme observation during consideration of QTS award. Providers should document clearly how they have concluded that the apprentice has passed the observation element (where possible this should be signed by the Head of the employing school) and kept alongside other EPA documents for audit purposes. This discretion applies to those apprentices booked for EPA up until the 31 December 2021.  
  • The EPA set out in the published assessment plan is to be followed if possible. The discretion will remain in place to support providers experiencing continued disruption due to Covid-19.

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Community First Academy Trust's EPA service is independent to our provision of apprenticeship training. To ensure consistency and impartiality the EPA cannot be carried out by the training provider delivering the apprenticeship.

Employers have the option to secure our services to conduct the end point assessment of an apprentice (not trained by Kingsbridge SCITT) once they have achieved QTS, during the fourth term of their apprenticeship.

To enquire about our costs, availability and EPA service please contact us.

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We use ACE 360 - Connecting Kingsbridge to Training Providers and managing End-Point Assessments in one place
  • Receive learner records from your training providers, see progress against the Standard and with managed End-Point Assessment component tools built in.
  • ACE360 is an industry-wide Apprenticeship management system that enables you to manage Apprenticeship Standards efficiently, securely, and paper free.
  • ACE360 is an integrated Apprenticeship Standards management tool that connects you to the organisations delivering Apprenticeships, from learner enrolment through to Apprenticeship assessment.
  • ACE360 has been developed impartially in conjunction with industry partners to ensure it meets the needs of the sector and is compliant with all relevant regulations.

EPA employer enquiry form

Community First Academy Trust trading as Kingsbridge Teacher Training is an ‘End Point Assessment Organisation’ (EPAO) for the Postgraduate Teaching Apprenticeship. Our unique identifier is EPA0243. This form is for apprentices' employing schools to register their interest in completing the End Point Assessment. IMPORTANT DATES The window for EPA completion is three months from passing through the gateway. The gateway is met when the apprentice has completed a 12 month Teaching Apprenticeship, passed Level 2 Maths and English (e.g. GCSEs), been awarded QTS and has 'occupational competency'. For example, if the apprentice passes the gateway at the end of August, the EPA must be completed within three months, by the end of November.

Summary of End Point Assessment Roles and Responsibilities

Apprentice Apprentice’s Employer Training Provider EPA Assessment Organisation EPA Assessor
·Participates fully in their training and development

·Contributes actively to their performance review

·Contributes to the decision on the timing of their end-point assessment
·Chooses assessment provider from the Education and Skills Funding Agency’s Register of Apprentice Assessment Organisations

·Supports the apprentice throughout their training and development

·Conducts reviews to monitor progress

·Determines when the apprentice is competent, meets the requirements of the gateway, and notifies the assessment organisation

·Facilitates the end-point assessment (i.e. provides accommodation)

·Supports the assessor during the professional discussion
·Provides on-going education and training for the apprentice

·Provides tools and processes to support the apprentice throughout the training programme, prior to the gateway

·Carries out regular reviews with the apprentice and the employer

·Advises the employer when the apprentice is ready to go through the gateway

·Supports the assessor during the professional discussion
·Takes no part in the training or employment of those apprentices for whom they complete end-point assessment

·Devises assessment materials

·Decides when the end-point assessment is to be conducted and administers the end-point assessment

·Decides whether the end-point assessment is to be deferred

·Recruits and trains independent assessors

·Ensures assessors are occupationally competent, are able to assess the performance of the apprentice using the end-point assessment method and are able to determine the grade achieved

·Have, and implement, a clear policy on Reasonable Adjustments and Special Considerations

·Maintains robust internal quality assurance processes

·Actively participates in the internal moderation and external quality assurance procedures described in this assessment plans
·Assesses the lesson observation

·Assesses the professional discussion

·Determines the final apprenticeship grade