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Welcome to Your Teaching Career!

At Kingsbridge School Centred Initial Teacher Training (SCITT), we offer a dynamic and high-quality pathway into teaching. With established hubs in Wigan and Wirral, and partnership schools in surrounding areas, Kingsbridge SCITT provides a range of school-based training routes tailored for future educators like you.

Every Lesson Shapes a Life with Kingsbridge Teacher Training

At Kingsbridge Teacher Training, we believe that every lesson is an opportunity to make a lasting impact. Join us to shape the lives of future generations and start your rewarding teaching career today.

Join Us and Make a Difference | Your Path to Becoming a Teacher...

Route 1: School Centred Initial Teacher Training (SCITT)
A comprehensive 12-month program combining:

  • In-school experience
  • Weekly Centre-based training
  • Online tuition
  • IT&P - Intensive Training and Practice (ITE) is a focused, immersive component of Initial Teacher Education (ITE) programs designed to provide prospective teachers with concentrated, hands-on experience and skill development in a real classroom setting

Route 2: Postgraduate Teaching Apprenticeship
A unique 4-term apprenticeship blending:

  • Academic learning
  • Centre-based training
  • Practical, on-the-job school experience
  • IT&P - Intensive Training and Practice (ITE) is a focused, immersive component of Initial Teacher Education (ITE) programs designed to provide prospective teachers with concentrated, hands-on experience and skill development in a real classroom setting

To apply for this route, you’ll need to secure a paid apprenticeship as an unqualified teacher in a school. 

At Kingsbridge EIP SCITT, we’re all about creating an amazing and supportive environment for both our trainees and the children they teach.

Here's what we stand for:

We Put Children First

  • Integrity and Care: Our team and trainees always prioritize the needs, safety, wellbeing, and mental health of children.

Making a Positive Impact

  • Community and School: We encourage our trainees to make a positive impact not just in their schools, but in the wider community as well.

Evidence-Informed Teaching

  • Research-Driven: We engage with subject-specific and phase-specific research to develop teaching methods that are inclusive and backed by evidence.

Wellbeing Matters

  • Self-Care: We believe in the importance of our trainees’ own wellbeing and mental health, ensuring they can be their best selves in the classroom.

Passion for Development

  • Child Development: Our trainees take a genuine interest in the growth and development of every child, making a difference in their lives.

Join Us and Make a Difference

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Kingsbridge SCITT - Where Teaching Futures Begin

Partner with Kingsbridge EIP SCITT to Deliver Your Own ITE Provision.

Are you a Multi Academy Trust or a group of schools looking to establish your own Initial Teacher Education (ITE) provision? Kingsbridge EIP SCITT offers a unique opportunity for schools and academy trusts to partner with us and use the Kingsbridge curriculum to deliver high-quality teacher training

For information on forming your own school-led partnership click here


Mission Statement

Kingsbridge EIP SCITT and its Hubs prepares Associate Teachers (including Apprentice Teachers) to become outstanding teachers through inspirational and high-quality teacher training.
We focus on understanding and promoting effective learning and pupil progress through a creative school partnership which develops professional expertise.

What is it like to be a trainee at this ITE partnership? (Ofsted, March 2022)

The quality of centre- and school-based training successfully prepares primary and secondary trainees, including apprentices, to become early career teachers. Trainees benefit from high-quality and consistent mentoring.
All trainees who spoke with inspectors said that the partnership provides them with effective wraparound care, guidance and support. Trainees told inspectors that leaders of the SCITT are professional and consistent in how they lead, manage and deliver training.

Trainees commented that leaders think carefully and deeply about the training that they provide. They said that trainers and mentors stay up to date with educational thinking. Communication between all partners, including trainees and mentors, is a strength. Trainees are successfully prepared to manage pupils’ behaviour. Equally, trainees fully understand their important role in safeguarding pupils. All trainees appreciate how to
manage their workload and the wider demands of teaching.

Trainees have a secure understanding of how to adapt the delivery of their subject curriculums for pupils with special educational needs and/or disabilities (SEND). Similarly, they receive appropriate training to enable them to teach pupils who speak English as an additional language.

Trainees, including apprentices on primary programmes, gain an insightful understanding of how to teach early reading and phonics. They also learn in depth about the early years and about the foundation subjects of the primary national curriculum. Secondary trainees flourish because they learn about the uniqueness of their chosen subject specialism.

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