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Q.What is a SCITT?

A. SCITT stands for: School Centred Initial Teacher Training. These courses provide hands-on teacher training, delivered by experienced teachers within their own school or a school in their network. Training as part of a SCITT gives you a great opportunity to learn on-the-job. You will get the immediate benefit of being in a school every day and a first-rate insight into what the job actually entails. SCITT courses usually last for a year.


Q. What qualifications will I receive upon completion?

A. Upon completion of your course at Kingsbridge, you will achieve Qualified Teacher Status (QTS). You will also be given the opportunity to earn 60 masters credits, which will help you achieve your PGCE (SCITT) in partnership with Manchester Metropolitan University.


Q. Will you teach me to be a teacher?

A. Yes…and much more. At Kingsbridge we have a proven track record of producing outstanding teachers. Through your training you will become immersed in the world of teaching and will be treated as a valued member of teaching staff from your first day onwards. 


Q. How will you ensure I meet all the Teachers’ Standards?

A. We have an extremely rigorous mentoring process which means you are supported on every step of your journey to becoming a teacher. You will be allocated a subject mentor who will be with you every day to give you personalised training. You’ll also get extra support from professional mentors with your host school. As well as this, our team of consultants will be working with you on a one-to-one basis to support all aspects of your training.


Q. Will I be expected to start teaching straight away?

A. We won’t throw you in at the deep end but you’ll be in a class with students from the first day of your training and right the way through. We believe that the only way to become a great teacher is through experience. We gradually increase the amount of teaching time you do in a personalised programme.


Q. Will I only get teaching experience in one school?

A. No. At Kingsbridge we offer the opportunity to train in at least two different settings. You’ll begin in your main placement from September until Christmas. After this you'll complete your secondary placement up to the February half term. This will give you experience of a different environment, such as Early Years. After this you’ll be back to your main placement for the remainder of your training. Along the way there will be lots of mini-placement days in different schools.


Q. Is school based teacher training only appropriate for older, more experienced applicants?

A. Not at all. School based teacher training is suited to any who has a real aptitude and desire to teach. If you like getting stuck in and learning in a real-world environment then Kingsbridge is for you.


Q. Will I have to sacrifice more academic training?

A. No. As well as intensive on the job learning, we have our own state-of-the-art training centre where you will be expertly guided through the theory behind teaching. You’ll be working with our highly skilled team of professional mentors. Our Professional Studies Programme is a chance for you to develop your own teaching strategies by working alongside your fellow trainees.


Q. Will I get a job?

A. That’s up to you but you will get the best possible chance. We are very proud to say that over the past three years everyone who has trained at Kingsbridge has gone on to get a job within teaching.


Q. Do I need a separate application for my masters credits?

A. No. Upon being offered a place on the Kingsbridge programme, you will have the option to opt into a PGCE (SCITT) at Bath Spa University.


If you’ve got any other queries or questions or if you just want to chat with us about Kingsbridge, give us a call on 01942 487999 Option 3 or email: