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Partner with Kingsbridge EIP SCITT to Deliver Your Own ITE Provision

Are you a Multi Academy Trust or a group of schools looking to establish your own Initial Teacher Education (ITE) provision? Kingsbridge EIP SCITT offers a unique opportunity for schools and academy trusts to partner with us and use the Kingsbridge curriculum to deliver high-quality teacher training.

Why Partner with Kingsbridge EIP SCITT?

  • Accredited Provider: As the accrediting provider, we support you in building and delivering your own ITE program tailored to meet your specific recruitment and training needs.

  • Customisable Partnership: Act as the Lead School and create a network of local schools to ensure a continuous pipeline of well-trained teachers. for your region and family of schools

  • Proven Excellence: Leverage our dynamic, high-quality training programs with a track record of success in producing exceptional educators.

Benefits of Our Partnership

  • Tailored Support: We offer comprehensive support and resources to help you set up and manage your ITE provision efficiently.

  • Local Recruitment: Address your recruitment needs by training teachers within your community, ensuring they are well-prepared for the unique challenges of your schools.

  • Quality Assurance: Maintain high standards of teacher training with our rigorous curriculum and quality assurance processes.