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My First Week: Rebecca Glover

17 October 2023 (by admin)

Hello everyone! I'm thrilled to share my exciting journey as a Year 1 teacher during my first week back at school. It's been an eventful and emotional week filled with both challenges and heart-warming moments.

My class this year consists of 22 bright and eager 5-year-olds. The first day was filled with tears as many children clung to their parents, but it was lovely to see their confidence grow as the week progressed. Building trust and creating a welcoming atmosphere has been a top priority and learning all their names and familiarising myself with their parents' faces has been an challenge in itself. One of the most enjoyable parts of teaching Year 1 is introducing the children to a setting they have never experienced before, the difference in expectations between reception and year 1 means a slight reduction in provision and more ‘at table’ writing and learning. To make every day in Year 1 exciting, I've focused on creating fun and engaging activities.

This week, we delved into our topic on space, sparking the children's curiosity about the universe beyond. We have learned some great songs about space and our solar system, many of which I’ve been singing as I drive home in an evening! While Week 1 included baseline assessments, next week promises more fun as we design our own spaceship and write about what we would pack in our suitcase as we journey to the moon! Our journey into space this week included a great design and technology lesson, which the children really enjoyed. We watched a video of the first lunar rover and set the stage for designing and building our own moon buggies in the coming weeks. The children were so enthusiastic as this is a subject they did not experience in reception.

Establishing routines has also been a challenge this week. Transitioning from carpet time to table work has been an essential part of our first week. Teaching the "1, 2, 3" system and encouraging hands raised for questions has helped me to manage behaviour in the classroom and set expectations for the coming year. This has been completely new to the children as the have never sat down at tables as a whole class to write. It's been rewarding to see the children adapt to these new routines and has been lovely to introduce them to a new system of rewards (everyone is so excited to get a prize from the lucky dip box!)

In our diverse classroom, we have children with different needs, including some EAL learners, and one child with Special Educational Needs. Ensuring that every child receives the support they require is a priority, and it's a journey I'm committed to throughout the school year. I also have the privilege of sharing responsibilities with a Year 2 class, teaching them art and PSHE for one afternoon a week. It was so great to see the familiar faces of children who were in my class last year, and get lots of hugs!

It was exciting to attend my first Kingsbridge training day on Friday and while I'm sad to miss the class assembly and rewards on Fridays, I'm looking forward to congratulating them when I return on Monday. Celebrating their achievements will be a highlight of the week ahead. It's been an emotional week in Year 1 and I can't wait to learn more about my children in the coming weeks. 

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